Animal Taming is a fun skill in Legends of Aria. It allows you to make beasts a pet of yours, and even tame your own mounts! It's a very grindy skill and takes a long time compared to other combat skills.

For taming you will need the following skills Animal Taming, Animal Lore, and Beast Mastery. Animal Lore will increase the chances the pet listens to you, and how much you heal them with bandages. You will need 80 animal lore to resurrect your pet with bandages and 80 healing. Animal Taming is what you can tame, and Beast Mastery is how much damage the pets will do. Beast taming also plays in with animal taming at later levels.

I recommend the leveling in the chart below, and some of the rarer spawns on the map just below that. There are a few other things you can tame such as giant beetles, but I've heard PKers like to check there.

Skill Beasts Slots Location
0-23 Beetles, Rabbits, Chickens, Rats, Turkeys 1 Starting Zones
 23-30 Wolves, Hinds 1 Starting Zones
30-50 Horses, Hinds 1 Starting Zones
 42-59 Black Bears, Brown Bears 1 Starting Zones
 54-59 Grey Wolves, Desert Wolves, Black Wolves 1 Crossroads, Pyros Landing, Oasis, Valus
 59-84.6  Grizzley Bears,  Great Harts 1 Wilderness from most cities. South Lake Tethys is safe area
 70-84.6 Elks 1 Wilderness, Lake Tethys and south of it
80 Direwolves 4  Serpent's Pass Wolves Den. Cross downed tree bridge. Kill rabids until a dire spawns
80 Dire Bear 4 Denir. Kill Rabids until Dire spawns
84.6-100 Crabs, Giant Crabs  3 Helm Beach, Mer Beach
Rare pet locations

So now you know the locations, but how do you actually tame something? You will need a crook equipped to tame something. If you don't have a crook a carpenter will sell you one. Once it is equipped you can press q and then select the target. If the target takes damage it will break the tame. You can tame while moving if you want to avoid damage!  You will need to release the pet to free up slots. Make sure you kill the pet after you release it so it can respawn. Released pets can not be tamed again! For horses just dismiss them not release! A horse will turn into a token and you can sell them to other players or us them! Now that you have your favorite pets what are you supposed to do when you need more slots to level? Never fear, the stable master will store any pet you want for 50 copper. It costs nothing to take them out.

Tips and tricks while leveling is to skin literally everything. If you do this it will make fabrication a breeze to level. Buy the cloth stacks from the vendor whenever you can! Lots of people will try to do this and you should check every time you're in town. Buying the cloth and skinning everything will get you to 80 fabrication by the time you hit 82 animal taming roughly. It's easier to tame stuff by sending your pets into the fray and hitting the beast once. Then use your macro to make your pets follow you and then you can just tame away. Healing is a super important skill for taming. I recommend taking it and using it to level even if you choose to dumb it later.

making macros with /custom

Macros are vital for a tamer. You get the ability to command your pets with the ability, but macros make it even easier! To make a macro type /custom in chat. In the command section type exactly what I have there. You do not type "/say" you simple use "say". Can use "all follow me", "all guard me", "all stay", and "all kill".

Taming is a very time consuming skill. You should be ready for an incredible long training time. It's pretty rough in its current state of early access. I found it picked up a bit in combat once I got the direwolf at 80. Hopefully the guide helped any questions send me a tweet or post in the comment below.