Coming January 21, 2020 Temtem will be throwing their hat in the ring against Pokémon. Temtem is a MMORPG with a focus of pet battling eerily similar to Pokémon . The game has a few big changes that really makes them stick out from Pokémon . Ontop of that the stress tests so far have gone pretty well for being a stress test. It's definitely going to be a contender as fans have been asking for a MMORPG Pokémon  for years.

Temtem breaks away from the standard Pokémon  battles. Instead of doing a 1v1 and something 2v2 Temtem will be a 2v2 battle. Even in the wild two Pokémon  may appear. It's interesting because this allows them to add combos into the game. For example if a nature type Temtem is out and my starts are out at the same time and I use a combination move it will do more damage and debuff for 1 turn longer. That's a pretty big effect just for having certain Temtem out. It should hopefully make team building a little more exciting and diverse trying to hit some of these combos.

Temtem open world

The other big change with the battling system is that there is no RNG. Nothing can crit, status effects duration are always the same, and nothing can miss. This means you can't get a luckily sleep anymore that last 4 turns, and the sleep last 1. You can't be critical hit every-time while never getting a critical yourself. I'm not sure on how I feel about this though. Sometimes it just felt so damn good when you one from a crit you really needed.

Temtem has a lot of similarities as Pokémon, and that's okay. Temtem is building off of what Pokémon has started. They add some of the features such as breeding and shinies into the mix as well. So for all of you shiny collectors out there get ready to get hunting. Just like Pokémon you'll have a shiny version of every Temtem.

I've been lucky enough to get some play time in via the Stress Tests. The tests didn't go perfect, but it was well done and I think launch will go well. I had. a lot of fun playing Temtem and it will be a day one buy for me. What about you guys? Will you be picking it up on day one?